BRAIN EFFICIENCY: Brainwave Series

(Hypnosis CD based on Brainwave Technology)

[ Hypnosis CD based on Brainwave Technology ]
This CD consists of:
Accelerators 1 to 3 (20 minutes each),
for a total of 60 minutes.
The Accelerators strengthen, reinforce and expedite the process of change.
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Do you want to boost brain efficiency and concentration?

If the answer is yes, we recommend the BRAIN EFFICIENCY: Brainwave Series, which is designed for attention, concentration, reduced hyperactivity, and increased clarity and focus, while relaxed and engaged.

Imagine your brain operating the way you want it to, tuning in and focusing easily and effortlessly. If you are ready for change, keep reading — you’ve come to the right place!

Alpha brainwaves targeted by Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy CDs
Beta brainwaves targeted by Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy CDs
SMR brainwaves targeted by Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy CDs

This Series stimulates brainwaves in the left hemisphere of the brain in the Alpha range, alternating at regular intervals with Beta brainwaves, simultaneously stimulating the right hemisphere with Alpha and alternating with SMR brainwaves.

Especially useful for sufferers of ADHD, ADD, and those who lack concentration, and can be used with the eyes open.

Background music/nature sounds for this Hypnosis CD based on Brainwave Technology:

Playful Chime Melody
Chords with Flowing Melody
Deep Angelic Ambience