MOTIVATOR: Brainwave Series

(Hypnosis CDs based on Brainwave Technology)

MOTIVATOR: Brainwave Series

(Hypnosis CDs based on Brainwave Technology)

Do you want to feel motivated?

If the answer is yes, the MOTIVATOR: Brainwave Series is recommended for you!

Imagine looking, behaving, feeling and sounding motivated as you actively pursue and achieve your goals!

Beta brainwaves targeted by Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy CDs
This Series targets brainwaves in the Beta range of 15Hz-30Hz, associated with an alert mental state, attention, excitement, and a quick rational mind.

Studies show that even individuals with debilitating conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and depression, respond well to the brainwave frequencies used in this Series, and also in the ENERGIZER.

For best results, where appropriate, begin with the MOTIVATOR, followed by ENERGIZER, then SUPERCHARGE ENERGIZER: Brainwave Series.

Training the brain to produce these motivational brainwaves, while concurrently using other specific Series assists in alleviating the target problem more extensively.

This Series may be used with the eyes open or closed.

Background music/nature sounds for these Hypnosis CDs based on Brainwave Technology:

Underwater Ambience with Whale Sounds
Pulsating Wind Rhythms
Hypnotic Babbling Brook

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This 3CD Set consists of:
Accelerators 1 to 3 (45 minutes each),
for a total of 135 minutes.
The Accelerators strengthen, reinforce and expedite the process of change.
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