ADDICTION FREE: Brainwave Series

(Hypnosis CDs based on Brainwave Technology)

ADDICTION FREE: Brainwave Series

(Hypnosis CDs based on Brainwave Technology)

[ Hypnosis CDs based on Brainwave Technology, without Hypnotherapeutic Suggestions ]
This 3CD Set consists of:
Accelerators 1 to 3 (45 minutes each),
for a total of 135 minutes.
The Accelerators strengthen, reinforce and expedite the process of change.
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If you self-medicate with drugs and/or alcohol, are “addicted” to a behavioural habit, such as gambling, nail biting, skin picking, or hair pulling, the ADDICTION FREE: Brainwave Series is for you!


Train your brain progressively through brainwave training from the “inside-out”, to free yourself from your addiction(s)!

Alpha brainwaves targeted by Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy CDsThis Series targets brainwaves in the Alpha range, 8Hz-12Hz, which is associated with relaxation, openness and daydreamy feelings, followed by the Theta range of 3Hz-8Hz associated with deep relaxation and increased suggestibility.

Theta brainwaves targeted by Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy CDsWhen a person’s dominant brainwave pattern is in Alpha or Theta, he/she is relaxed, dreamy, peaceful, and light-hearted – often the way people feel while engaged in their addiction. It has been shown that a lack of certain Alpha and/or Theta brainwaves is characteristic of addicts.

With these Hypnosis CDs based on Brainwave Technology, you can train your brain to increase the production of these vital brainwaves naturally.

Train your brain to function in healthier, more appropriate and adaptable ways!

* Addicts also tend to respond positively to SMR brainwaves.  For optimal results, we suggest using this Series along with the SMR: Brainwave Series.

Background music/nature sounds for these Hypnosis CDs:

Warm Atmospheric Ambience
Tantalizing Smooth Ambience
Pulsating Airy Ambience